By subscribing to, collecting and/or redeeming completed Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App stamps (as detailed here) it is understood that you agree to the below Terms and Conditions.

App Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please note that the Chateau Gateaux loyalty app is currently on trial in our Morningside and Durban North Patisseries, from the 15th UNTIL further notice.
  2. Your participation in the Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App shall only become active once you have downloaded the Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App, completed all the relevant information and accepted the general Terms and Conditions relating to your participation, as set out herein.
  3. The Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App will replace the Chateau Gateaux Loyalty Card. All Chateau Gateaux Loyalty Cards need to be redeemed by the 1 October 2018. No further loyalty cards will be issued as of the 1 April 2018.
  4. Download, registration and use of the Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App requires internet connectivity and mobile data. Chateau Gateaux shall under no circumstances be liable should you not be able to access the app due to lack of data or connectivity issues. 
  5. Use of the Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App will require successful download and registration (new users) or successful download and confirmation of details (migrated Chateau Gateaux Loyalty Card holders).
  6. Chateau Gateaux collects, stores and uses your personal information for the following purposes:
    1. to greet you when you contact us;
    2. to compile non-personal statistical information about you for marketing and promotional purposes;
    3. for research to develop new products, services and offers.
  7. Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties.
  8. The Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App profile is linked with your personal details and mobile number. It cannot be downloaded or activated on more than one device or used by more than one person. 
  9. The unique Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App profile is linked with your mobile phone number. Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App profiles are not transferrable and can also not be shared or used by more than one person. 
  10. Chateau Gateaux reserves the right to; without notice to you, suspend and/or terminate your participation in the Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App in the event of it suspecting fraudulent and/or inappropriate conduct, abuse or misuse of the Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App by you. In the event of foregoing any benefits accrued under the Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App will at the discretion of Chateau Gateaux be automatically suspended or forfeited. 
  11. Chateau Gateaux may from time to time run updates to the Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App which may result in the app being temporarily inaccessible. Chateau Gateaux will endeavour to limit any down time to a minimum and where practically possible out of normal business hours. 
  12. Chateau Gateaux reserves the right to at any time change the terms, conditions and benefits of this Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App by publication thereof on the Chateau Gateaux website. 
  13. Any dispute in relation to the Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App will be determined by the management of Chateau Gateaux or its nominee, whose decision shall be final and binding, not subject to appeal or review and with no correspondence being entered into. 
  14. This Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App is subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008, as amended from time to time (“the Act”). Unless otherwise provided for in the Act, members of the loyalty program shall have no damages claim against Chateau Gateaux, its management, trustees, employees or contractors arising out of their participation in the loyalty program. 

Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Loyalty Program works on a stamp system in terms of which every 10 (ten) stamps collected entitles you, subject to the conditions contained below, to 1 (one) hot beverage  of your choosing and 1 (one) slice of gourmet gateau of your choosing. 
  2. A stamp can only be earned at the till point at the conclusion of your purchase of a hot drink. No stamps can be earned once the transaction has been concluded and you have left the Patisserie.
  3. At no point during the transaction will a customer be required to hand over their cell phone or mobile device to our staff. 
  4. Stamps are only redeemable once all necessary stamps have been collected.
  5. Stamps cannot be earned and exchanged for cash or any other food or beverage item.
  6. Stamps cannot be earned or redeemed in conjunction with any other special offer, promotion, discount or voucher.
  7. Purchase any of our hot beverages to earn a stamp.
  8. To redeem you will need to present the fully stamped Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App, before ordering and payment. No stamps can be redeemed once the transaction has been concluded. 
  9. There can only be one completed Loyalty App redemption per transaction. Should there be more than one completed card to be redeemed, the cashier would have to process the transaction separately. 
  10. If there are stamps that need to be earned and redemption of a completed card in one transaction, the earning of stamps has to be done first. The cashier will do the earning of stamps first, before the redemption of the completed stamps.
  11. Once the necessary number of stamps has been collected, you may redeem it by choosing from any of our individual gateau or slices and hot beverages. 
  12. The Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App and Program can only be used at Chateau Gateaux Patisseries (excluding the Factory Shop) nationwide. 
  13. Misuse of the Chateau Gateaux Loyalty App and Program in any way, constitutes as fraud.